Sample Dealership Training & Coaching Visit:
In-Dealership Consultation & Training Outline
Preparation for Visit: The purpose of preparing for your dealership visit is to maximize your Consulting & Training effectiveness.
• Have a CC with GM & Branch Manger about expectations, daily schedule, team strengths and skill development focus. Review Lead Tracking reports and other currently tracked data.
Consultation & Training: Each Dealership can customize the Topic and Department Focus
• Meet with General Manager, Payment Center Manager & Branch Manager to review focus of consulting / training and timeline for day.
• Discuss their goals, challenges, and opportunities and review the tracking reports of the departments to be trained.
• Review Teamwork, inter-department issues, de-motivating issues and procedure updates.
• Have Dealership Management makes sure everyone is in training meeting, introduce Trainer, remind them to shut off cell phones and nobody will be allowed to leave meeting.
• Provide high impact, interesting and informative training meeting on Topic. (Start on time, Finish on time & Have fun!)
• Provide individual 1 on 1 Training with every department / individual that asked for additional customized training. This additional in depth coaching will increase the effectiveness for the group training that you do.
• Work with groups and individuals on the Showroom floor or on the phone to explain & demonstrate how the training topics are meant to be implemented. Don’t just observe, get involved with the customer and purchase, business development, service or payment process!

Purchase Process & Underwriting (Sales) Skills topics covered – Managing Customer Perception of Product Specialist, Persuasion & Influencing Human Behavior, Customer Purchase Process, Steps to Selling, Questioning & Listening skills, Value Vs. Price, Closing, Concerns Vs. Objections, Presentation & Demonstration, Trade Appraisal, Transition to Sales Office, Customer Statement, Presenting Write-up, Negotiation, Paperwork, Transition to Business Manager, Delivery, Selling Used Vehicles, Follow-up, Prospecting, Goal setting, Tracking, Sales procedures, & Motivation. You need to demonstrate in the meeting room and in the salon the specific customer situation skills needed to handle the tough situations the attendees brought up as what they wanted out of training.

Business Development Lead Handling Skills– Managing Website, Handling Internet Leads, Handling Phone Leads, Daily Planners for Finance Specialists and Branch Managers (Sales dept.), Management Reports, Outgoing CSI calls, Outgoing Service calls, Outgoing Ups calls, Closing on Appointments, Appointment confirmation calls, handling Receptionist calls. Maximize your Advertising ROI with and effective Lead Management process.

Collections (Payment Center): We will work with your team to build better relationships with every customer in your portfolio that produces more paying customers, less requests for Payment Extensions and a reduction of Charge offs. How to overcome the most common Objections that your Account Managers get everyday. How to organize your day and work your Delinquent accounts more effectively. How to Skip Trace and recover your vehicle. How to utilize GPS and a payment Reminder unit to maintain discipline and appreciation for our financial fitness plan. Learn how Payment Centers working with GTS has reduced Delinquency by over 18%.

Leadership, Management & Coaching topics to cover– Motivation, Train the Trainer, Tracking, Goal Setting, Staffing, Procedures, 1 on 1 Coaching, Structuring Deals, & Teamwork. Demonstrate and discuss tips on how to continue employee skill development through effective department meetings along with group & individual training meetings. Remind Department Coaches (Managers who directly work with employees and not managing Managers) should be spending only 20% of their day behind a desk doing reports or paperwork and investing 80% of their day with their employees (players) and their customers developing skills or closing sales & service.

Used Vehicle Reconditioning & Detail Process – Develop an effective policies and procedures for the Appraisal, Inventory Acquisition, Reconditioning (Mechanical & Detail), Merchandising, Advertising, and Disposal processes. We will map out and train your staff how to improve your Reconditioning process whether you have your own service facilities or you sublet out all vehicles. Learn how to reduce your mechanical Repos by 30%.

Service & Reconditioning Skills topics to cover: Discuss how to handle the customer service process and how important it is to have this written down and practiced every day. This process will reduce mechanical repossessions just by learning how to manage the customer’s perception of the mechanical problem and provide a transportation solution that is not a service loaner. Discuss how to handle upset customers, appointment process, effectively communicate between Branch Location, Payment Center and Technicians. Review specific customer situations and discussed training opportunities to video and practice.

F&I (Finance & Insurance) Structure & Skills (Subprime)– Developing multiple products beyond Service Contracts & GAP. Developing closing skills to increase Product Penetration and increased Profit. Creating effective teamwork and bonus plans between Sales and F&I. Implement an effective process to ensure 100% of all customers speak with an F&I at the time of contract. Creating the environment that reflects a “bank” experience (dress code and separate office). Overall shift from offering products to being the most skilled “closers” in the dealership that can help “close” customers in the showroom.

Next step: Create a 3-point Action Plan (time between visits); Email Recap of visit to General Manager. Have weekly CC with GM, Branch Manager, Service Manager and Payment Center Manager to discuss action plan results and challenges. I am available for my dealer training partners 24 / 7 by phone, text and email to discuss situations that come up with your dealerships. If I am out of the area, I can call into a CC with Skype or Facetime. We will also Video specific customer situations to have team review in between coaching & training visits.
If you want the best training for your team but don’t want to have to pay 30% more for it, just invest in a 5 minute call so we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

Jay Rose
Global Training Solutions – President