As the leader in "Customized In-Dealership Coaching & Training" in the Automotive Industry, Jay will work with your business and your team to create your own dynamic training program that will get ongoing results.


Online Video training will keep the momentum going after the Initial training. Each page in the Training workbooks are recorded separately so your team can go right to the specific situation they want to learn more about, understand the philosophy and see the technique demonstrated. Each topic can be viewed as many times you would like, 24 hours a day. The Online Video training is the best way to protect your training program and develop skills long term.


Workshop Training is a great way to get you and your team out of their comfort zone by training them offsite. We will discuss and demonstrate many of the common situations that your team will have to deal with along with specific examples of how to give every Guest a "Wow" experience. This is a great way to get every member of your team on the same playbook.


In-Dealership training is customized to your dealership's specific needs. We will evaluate your current activity tracking and performance, meet with senior management, department managers and individual producers and review the GTS Training philosophy and techniques to ensure a perfect fit for the culture of your team. We will then put together a customer tailored 30-day plan. Our hands-on approach will allow your team to learn this new training technology and skills that will take your dealership to the next level. Every department will get a plan for the next step and be followed up with. In-Dealership training is the most effective way to develop skills and get immediate results.